The real estate sector has been slow to adopt the latest cutting-edge tech, but with huge investments being poured into the proptech space, all this is about to change. Real estate is catching up on the technology front fast, and it won’t be long until the things we thought were impossible in real estate became the norm.

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 · This week on “Contributor Series”, Antony Slumbers, Member of the Leadership Board, CRETech & Mentor at MetaProp RE200 shares his views and experience on Real Estate as a service.Watch out for the next one! In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to being CEO of Apple, having been summarily dismissed from the company he founded some twelve years earlier. The company was in a.

After starting his own real estate news aggregator, his latest project, CREtech, is bringing tech to the ever-obstinate commercial real estate sector. The platform conducts. and brokers analysis.

Technology has revolutionized the way customers shop for houses. But there’s plenty of space for innovation in the field. Currently the industry often operates under paper-based processes and phone calls to real estate agents. Startups emerge each year that make things easier for agents, buyers, and sellers. Here are five startups that are getting big notice in the field.

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Their savior may be another rising trend in commercial real estate: co-working. community into what its backers say will be an innovation hub in the city. “There’s a lot of interesting stuff.

"A tech revolution is happening in commercial real estate right now and this win further solidifies Building Engines as the leader of innovation in property and facility management," said Tim.

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Katy Redmond, National Director of Technology Solutions at JLL sits down with the Real Estate Tech Guys to chat about why real estate is traditionally the last business unit to enter the technology sector, what she sees as the next big thing in CRE tech, and what she forecasts for the future.

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