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We have talked about how tax liens are handled by the Franchise Tax Board and the Board of Equalization in past blog posts. Now we would like to take up the final taxing authority you deal with as a business owner in the state of California: the Employment Development Department, or EDD.. First, here is a definition of what this agency is responsible for.

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The county recorder misfiles this mere "Notice" in a "Tax Lien Index" or other index, as mandated by statute, as if it were an actual Lien — THUS PERJURING THE COUNTY RECORD! An IRS agent requests (and receives) a certificate that this document is in the Index.

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Because lately, the IRS is aggressively pursuing back taxes. IRS tax collections and tax liens. According to the recent data revealed on, the apex tax collection agency issued 356% more liens in 2010 compared to 2002. Actually, way back in 2002, the IRS issued less than 1.3 million tax liens against delinquent taxpayers.

“I have a tax lien/back taxes. Can I get an FHA mortgage?” I get this question often and wanted to share with you the difference between the two and how they are treated in regards to an fha mortgage. tax liens: irs has been trying to collect their money for a long time. A lien now [.]

What Your Clients Should Know About Federal Tax Liens. iStock_alexkich_dollar house . Craig W. Smalley, EA. the IRS will then issue a tax lien against the taxpayer. The IRS files liens to protect the government’s interest on the amount of taxes being owed. tax liens are filed with the clerk.

A state tax lien is a serious financial matter. If you have credit problems in addition to a state tax lien, you must address back taxes first, as liens are the most damaging to your financial health.