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AMG’s mission is to combine unparalleled expertise with outstanding property management service to create value for our client communities.. 2018 How Transforming Your Front Door Can Increase The Value of Your Home May 7, 2018. 3 Tips That Will Help You to embrace home automation Nov 1.

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In order to maintain the value of a property in the long term, renovations frequently have to be undertaken. By contrast, the value of the property goes up if the price of the land increases or if the building gains added value. For example, adding a conservatory or building a pool can increase the value.

When it comes to renovations, whether you’re enjoying your new kitchen, bathroom, or backyard addition yourself, or hoping to increase your property value in an effort to sell, some home upgrades make more of an impact than others. This guide will help you make the most of your home improvement budget.

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Size counts when it comes to property, and the more spacious your home, the more you can expect buyers to pay for it. "With densification affecting most areas these days, space comes at a premium, and buyers are definitely willing to pay more for a bit of extra breathing room.

Resale Values. Arguably the biggest impact that smart home products have had on the real estate industry are resale values of homes. The most important thing for any home seller is the amount of money they can sell their home for. One thing that is factored in when determining the market value of a home is what features and amenities a home has.

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